Lesson 9: All About Strumming

In this lesson I focus on right hand strumming technique (or left hand if you're a left-handed player). I look at using a guitar pick, and give you a few simple rhythm patterns.

The guitar pick or plectrum

Do you need to use a pick? No, but I recommend you start out using a pick, and that's the way I'll be showing you how to play in this course. If you like fingerstyle guitar, then that's always something you can get into a bit later on. Personally, I enjoy playing both with a pick and with my fingers.

What kind of pick?

I recommend a thin, standard sized and shaped pick. Something a bit like this one. I generally use a Jim Dunlop USA nylon .73mm pick for acoustic strumming. I'll often use a thicker pick for certain styles and for electric playing. For beginners a thinner pick is usually a bit easier to control and get a good sound with, so maybe try .60 or .46mm picks initially. They're pretty cheap so just try a few different ones until you find what works best for you.

Guitar Pick.jpeg

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