Blues Rhythm Series

This is a series of 10 lessons looking at the blues rhythm guitar style. I'm making no attempt to be totally comprehensive here, it's just a collection of pieces that I hope you'll find interesting and fun to play. Taken all together, this series provides a great way for you to improve your chord vocabulary, and to work on your timing and feel. 

The lessons are, broadly speaking, designed for intermediate level players, and range from fairly basic shuffle patterns through to pieces involving more advanced jazz-type chords and substitutions. You can work your way through the entire course or just jump in anywhere that looks interesting if you prefer.  I use an electric guitar in the videos, but most of the pieces should work well played on an acoustic guitar too. If you're totally new to the concept of a 12 bar blues you might like to check out this lesson from my beginner's course first.

10 top quality backing tracks designed to perfectly complement these lessons are available here. Jamming along with these tracks really is the best way to work on your feel and timing and to get you rhythm guitar skills up to scratch.

 Good luck with the lessons. As usual, let me know if you have any questions or feedback. 


Lesson 1: Bass Shuffle In A

Lesson 2: Bass Shuffle In E 

Lesson 3: Upbeat Shuffle In Bb      

Lesson 4: 9th Chords  

Lesson 5: The Slow Blues Slide 

Lesson 6: 13th Chords  

Lesson 7: The Tritone Blues 

Lesson 8: Swing Blues

Lesson 9: Jazz Blues

Lesson 10: The 8 Bar Blues


Blues Licks

Some Albert King-Style Blues Licks 3 awesome big bending ideas from the man also known as "The Velvet Bulldozer"

A Sensational Stevie Ray Vaughan-Style Blues Lick A ferocious bit of Texas blues.


Blues Songs

Sweet Home Chicago Here's my arrangement of Sweet Home Chicago as played by Magic Sam. A great rhythm and lead blues workout.