Lesson 2: Bass Note Shuffle In E

In this lesson I look at an interesting way of spicing up the standard boogie/shuffle pattern. We also add in some simple single-note lines and a classic turnaround lick. As usual, get the basics together first, then work on getting the piece sounding as good as you possibly can by focusing on your groove and feel. It can be really helpful here to record yourself, and then listen back objectively to your performance asking yourself how good you really sound. What's your tone like? Are you picking hard enough? Are you picking too hard? Are you in time? Are you rushing? Is every note clear and accurate? etc.

Below is the music to the piece. Download here. All picking is downstrokes except where indicated. As with all sheet music, it's near impossible to accurately notate the subtleties of feel and muting which make a piece like this come alive. This is where listening, practice, and experience come in.

Feel free to experiment with a variety of different feels and tempos. I play this piece with quite an agressive, open sound, but it also works well when played with a bit of palm muting. This one's a bit tough when it comes to transposing to other keys, since the riff doesn't fall so easily under the fingers when open strings aren't available. It is possible though; so give it a try if you want a challenge.