Lesson 9: Jazz Blues

In this lesson I show you how a jazz player might approach playing a 12 bar blues tune. This kind of style works when playing in a pure jazz setting, but you could also sneak in some of these ideas to a more traditional blues to add a bit of jazzy sophistication. Check out players like Larry Carlton or Robben Ford for some good examples of this jazz/blues crossover type of playing. Lots of extra chords are thrown in, including some altered and diminished shapes. This the the most advanced lesson in the series, so make sure you really know your 7th, 9th and 13th chords before attempting this.

Below is a transcription of exactly what I play at the start of the video. (For the sake of total accuracy I should point out that for the turnaround at the end of the final chorus I play a C13b9 in the performance at the start of the video and an unaltered C13 in the teaching segment. It doesn't really matter which you use - both work and sound good.) You can download a copy of the music here; it will certainly be easier to learn this stuff if you have a copy of the chords in front of you as you watch the video.