An Introduction To Barre Chords

Here are a couple of intermediate level lessons which introduce the concept of barre chords. If you've worked your way through my beginner's lessons then this would be a good place to go next. Barre chords are very widely used, and will really open up some new possibilities in your playing.

Lesson 1 - E Form Barre Chords

Lesson 2 - A Form Barre Chords

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Power Chords

A two-part investigation into the marvels of power chords. Part 1 is an introduction to the most common power chord forms, aimed at beginners. Part 2 is a more in depth look at all the other ways power chords can be played and might be of interest to slightly more advanced players.

Part 1 - 6th and 5th String Root Shapes

Part 2 - All the other ways of playing power chords I can think of...

Open-Voiced Triads

By spreading out the notes in coventional triads you come up up with these great-sounding open-voiced shapes. Well worth investigating if you're a more advanced player looking for some fresh inspiration.

Open-Voiced Triads Lesson

Bossa Nova Essentials

In this is a lesson I take you through the basics of bossa nova accompaniment. A beautiful style of music to be able to play. And as a side-benefit it's a really good way of improving your general rhythm and timing skills.

Bossa Nova Essentials Lesson