Steve Cropper-Style 6ths

In this lesson I want to show you how to use 6ths to create a soul-flavoured, Steve Cropper-style guitar part. I've put together a few fretboard diagrams below showing how I like to think about this kind of thing. For each chord I'm dealing with I have 3 sets of 6th which I can play around with to create something interesting. To start with you can think in terms of patterns and learn the chord shape and the 3 associated pairs of 6th. If you want to get a bit deeper it's also a good idea to be aware of the actual names of the notes you're playing and the function of those notes (ie. whether it's the 3rd, the 9th etc.) Notice how with the lowest of each pair of 6ths your index finger is on the root and your second finger is on the 3rd.

And below I've written out exactly what I play at the start of the video. 

Backing Track

I've put together a quick backing track for the video, which you can find below. Use it to practice playing the piece, and to come up with some 6th ideas of your own.