How To Play It's Over by Badfinger

No apologies for doing a video on quite an obscure riff since it's so bloody brilliant. If you're unfamiliar with the Badfinger oeuvre then you should rush out and buy some of their records: your life will be immeasurably improved. If you'd like to learn a bit about the band then check out their Wikipedia page for one of the most tragic stories ever told of a band being screwed by the music industry.

This song is the last track on Badfinger's third album Straight Up. It was written by Tom Evans but I'm guessing the guitar part was played by Joey Molland. (If anyone knows for certain please let me know.) I've written out the riff below. Nothing too tricky going on here, just make sure you play it with good tone, good time and a bit of conviction. 


I love the guitar sound on this track but I've no idea what was used on the original recording. I'm using my Jazzmaster (an American Vintage '65) through a Fender Super Champ. Overdrive comes from a J Rockett Archer pedal.