We all love a nice lick, right? Here's a selection of mostly short, lick-based lessons across a range of different styles. Come here when you feel the need for some fresh inspiration in your solo playing.

A Killer Hybrid Picking Country Lick Wow your friends with this bit of Albert Lee-style flash.

Solo like James Burton, Part 2 A fantastic, not-so-easy-to-play solo from the Telemaster.

Solo like James Burton, Part 1 A fantastic, easy-to-play solo from the Telemaster.

An Angular Modal Lick Try some bit interval skips to add a fresh around to your soloing.

A Diminished Scale Rockabilly Lick Add some diminished sophistication to your rockabilly soloing.

A Fast & Furious Pentatonic Lick

Mixing Rhythm & Lead in a 12 Bar Blues 

A Fast and Flashy Country Lick in G A blazing, country-style phrase.

Just Another Blues Lick...But it's a really nice one.

An Awesome Rockabilly Lick A great Carl Perkins-style lick using open-string pull-offs.

A Complete Blues Solo From One Simple Lick A simple way to give your soloing a bit more direction.

Steve Cropper-Style 6ths How to create groovy, soulful rhythm parts using 6ths.

A Complete Country Solo from One Lick How to go from a lick to developing an entire solo.

An Awesome Open-String Country Lick A tasty country-shred idea.

A Cliché-Busting Pentatonic Lick One of my favourites.

A Must-Know Country Chord Trick A fun idea to spice up your country rhythm or lead playing.

A T-Bone Walker-Style blues/jazz Lick A lovely, simple bit of jazzy Texas blues.

A Charlie Parker-Inspired II V I Jazz Lick If you play jazz, you need to know this one.

A Spectacular Sweep Picking Lick Get your shred on!

A Sensational Stevie Ray Vaughan-Style Blues Lick A ferocious bit of Texas blues.

An Incredible Pedal Steel-Type Country Lick Lots going on in this flashy hot-country idea.

A II V I Lick Every Jazz Guitarist Should Know An easy and very powerful jazz phrase.

A Supercharged Pentatonic Rock Lick Easy and very cool-sounding

A Jimmy Page-Inspired Pentatonic Lick You need to know this classic rock phrase.

A James Burton-Style Country Lick A pedal steel-like bending idea, inspired by the country guitar master. 

3 Must-Know Rock Licks Here are a few very common rock phrases. Easy-ish to play, but they sound nice and flashy.

5 Essential Major-Type Jazz Licks A great way to start developing some jazz vocabulary. 

5 Essential Minor-Type Jazz Licks More great licks to add to your jazz vocabulary.

Some Albert King-Style Blues Licks 3 awesome big bending ideas from the man also known as "The Velvet Bulldozer"

A Charlie Christian-Style Jazz Lick Simple but brilliant. An essential jazz phrase.

A Rapid-fire Rock Lick Something for you shredders - a blistering mixolydian sequence.

A Speedy, Slidey Country Lick A fun, flashy country lick. 

5 Essential Dominant Jazz Licks More useful additions to your jazz vocabulary.