Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to all of you. I've got lots of exciting plans for new lessons in 2015, and I'm kicking things off with a 3-part look at the playing of rock 'n' roll great Cliff Gallup. If that's an unfamiliar name to you, I highly recommend checking out some of his playing with Gene Vincent. His style is an encyclopaedia of rockabilly techniques, and his legacy is still strongly felt in a lot of today's players. Page and Clapton cite him as an major influence, George Harrison favoured a black Gretsch Duo-Jet just like Gallup's on the early Beatles recordings, and Jeff Beck went as far as recording an entire tribute album - Crazy Legs - where he plays note-for-note versions of many of Gallup's solos. I've chosen to look at the track Race With The Devil, which contains some of his finest playing. Part 1 of the lesson can be found here. In the subsequent lessons, I'll be looking at each of the 2 guitar solos in the song.