Christmas Time Is Here

For this year's Christmas Special I've done a chord melody arrangement of one of my favourite festive tunes. It's taken from the soundtrack to  A Charlie Brown Christmas, a brilliant film which always seemed to be a part of my childhood Christmasses, and one that I still watch every year. 

Whilst I wouldn't describe it as easy to play, I have tried to make this version accessible to non-jazz players. If you work on it slowly, phrase by phrase, making sure you're using exactly the right fingering, then you should be able to get it together without too many problems. It needs to be played fingerstyle in the right hand. I generally use my thumb for the bass notes and three other fingers for all the other notes. Occasionally there are chords which contain 5 notes and here you can either use your little finger as well, brush 2 strings together with your index finger, or just omit one of the notes.

My arrangement is written out below. Click here to download a high-quality, printable PDF. Merry Christmas!